We wanted to be like the other campaigns and hire the Incredible Hulk to write our white papers and campaign platform but apparently someone got him to sign a non-compete. In consequence we’re forced to use our words and our inside voice.

President Nixon is uniquely qualified to lead the country. He is the only candidate to serve in both chambers of Congress and the White House; he is the only President ever to have resigned the office; he is the author of the most significant US foreign policy initiative in the past half-century and is widely considered to be one of the most astute observers of international politics in history; and, perhaps most importantly, he is the only candidate to bring the perspective of having been dead for any significant length of time.

Always an innovator and never afraid to break with his own party or, in some instances, with the entire political tradition of the country, President Nixon brings to this campaign the only truly unique vision for country’s future.

Stay tuned for details about the policies and philosophy the President will implement upon his return to the White House. We thank you for your interest and support.