“Hands up, peasant motherfuckers!”

May 9, 2012 in Capital Punishment, Working Stiffs

You know, you hear a lot of talk these days about “shared sacrifice” and “austerity.” Let me make one thing perfectly clear: That’s all bullshit.

It is bullshit. It is code for “Hands up, peasant motherfuckers.” It is code for “Your money and your life.” At best it is theft from people who are just making do, by people who don’t have to; at worst, it’s pure murder.

It is not a sacrifice for a millionaire or a billionaire to pay a few cents more on the dollar in taxes in exchange for cuts in programs everyone has paid for and many require to live in any kind of comfort.

It is not a sacrifice; it is an inconvenience. “Shared sacrifice” would require the wealthy to live as do the people who are injured by what’s stolen from them.

Of course if we reduced the wealthy to our own mean state, we could afford to do the things societies are meant to do for all of their participants.

These are things you need to remember. Nobody who wants you to sacrifice something is going to sacrifice anything. Your federal legislators won’t suffer a bit from cutting your Social Security and Medicare and whatever else they get in their sights. When your President calls for “shared sacrifice,” he doesn’t mean for him or anyone he particularly cares about.

President Obama will get a good pension. He’ll write some books. He’ll do well. He’s a millionaire now and he’ll have more millions by the time he’s 65, or 67, or whatever goddamn age he and his cohorts decide you have to work to before you can rest.

You don’t hear much from the President about shared sacrifice lately. Lately it’s all about him standing between us and the ravening horde. If he wins, though, he’ll be back to it because he believes in it.

Wages are flat or worse, depending on where you work. The jobs that have come back after the crash pay less than the ones that were vaporized. Nearly a third of unemployed people have been out of work for a year or more. The older you are when you lose your job, the longer you’re likely to remain unemployed, the more you’ll need that Social Security when you can finally get it.

And this is the world into which President Obama and politicians of most stripes wish to introduce a little more sacrifice.

Hands up, peasant motherfuckers. Hands up.

You really have no choice but me. If elected, I will be your gun.