Democrats marshaling forces to ward off Republican attempts at undermining the New Deal and Great Society? Don’t be fucking silly.

With President Obama and House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer on the record in favor of benefit cuts, it’s crucial that Nancy Pelosi, the most progressive member of the Democratic Leadership, stand strong and draw a line in the sand on cuts to Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid benefits.

Liberals again, begging the most “progressive” member of the “Democratic” “leadership” to protect the signal Democratic party accomplishments of the past century from other leading Democrats. Even McGovern could have taken me down in ’72 if I went around advocating this stuff.

What this means is that Democrats who want to protect Social Security now think that Democrats are effectively the most serious threat to Social Security.

When I think of the good works I could have achieved if Democrats in my day had been as … malleable, let’s say, as the ones now, I could weep for the lost opportunities.

I couldn’t weep, honesty the best policy here, lost that capacity along the way, but if I could I would be tempted.

Not just Social Security; Democrats have Medicare in their sights too.

Let me get Lyndon on the phone. “Lyndon? Dick Nixon here. Okay if we dig you up and rip your fucking heart out?”

Company you keep. Paul Ryan and Eric Cantor and these other youngsters are the political heirs to the people I had to keep locked in the closet for a year before elections lest the voters catch a whiff of the homicidal madness and moral putrefaction that drives them.

You don’t want to be caught doing business with them. Or you didn’t when I was running for President. Times change. People talk about Nixon now, they’re calling me an old softie. Jesus.

(After seeing the anxiety that revelations of political hypocrisy provoke on Twitter, I am more than ever thankful that there wasn’t any in my day.)

(Where’s that damn dog?)

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